God is Glorified by Manifesting the Prayers of His Children

When you become aware of someone else receiving a miraculous blessing in their life, do you ask, “What about me and mine, Lord?” I believe that the leper who sought Jesus felt the same way. He knew of the works of Jesus, but in his society he was not even permitted to be in public places. And, for many other reasons modern Christians disqualify themselves, having no doubts in Jesus’ abilities, but not sure if Jesus will help them. The leper spoke, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean” (Matthew 8:2). He was confident in the power of God to manifest his prayers, but not the love of God for him.

Like the leper, maybe you don’t have a problem believing that God can give you your miracle(s), since He is Almighty God. But you are wondering if He willing, if he is interested in you. Yet, on many occasions Jesus stretched forth His hand, acting as, if not saying, “I am willing…” and immediately, righteous desires were met.

God wants you to know that even though you are in this world, you are not of this world. Having already delivered you spiritually, you belong to Him. And, because He is with you, “He has already delivered you from … [all the physical, financial, psychological and social adversities that may befall you] (Psalm 91:3). He is able, and willing because these are the blessings of God. And, according to 2 Corinthians 1:20 all the [responses to petitions per His Will, the] promises of God are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us, who He loves. God is glorified by manifesting the prayers of His children.

Cast Your Cares Even Though Time-Bound

Christians are often challenged with prayer because humans are time-bound. According to Philippians 4:6 we should be anxious for nothing, but to live in prayer in all aspects of our spiritual lives including our spoken commands and elements of supplication. The fact is that even in His earthly, human form, Jesus acted through such strong belief in the power of God that His words yielded immediate favorable response. Jesus explained as much to His disciples at the withering of the fig tree. (Matt 21: 19-21)

If you own a car and wish to drive it, you do not call the manufacturer and ask for permission; you simply drive it. Likewise, God’s Word is given to the His righteous (Believers) to apply by command. You may elect otherwise to pray in belief for action through the applicable Word. However, if your experience applying the Word is insufficient, Christians find themselves in the throes of time (which is not infinite for our mortal bodies) and often suffer with concern and worry while waiting upon manifestations of righteous commands and petitions.

Yet, there is no scriptural support for “repeatedly commanding the fig tree to wither”. God’s approach is “light be… let no fruit grow on you ever again… Lazarus, come forth!…” These are examples of the delivery of God’s power through simple, single statements. Do likewise, followed by praise and thanksgiving (repeatedly as needed until seeing results without new petition).

However, as humans, the new tradesman and recently graduated attorneys do not acquire their licenses, new tools, and immediately take on the most challenging work possible. They generally lack appropriate know-how, and/or confidence. As such, the Bible recommends seeking assistance from the Elders, those with the relevant gifts, education, knowledge, skills and experience as needed. (e.g., James 5:14-15)

In any case, cast your cares, and acquire healing, provision, good relations, success, victory and all other manners of the blessings of God, without consideration of time.

Standing in the Wake of Jesus’ Victories

Many believe that it is their role to “put on the whole armor of God” and engage the enemy daily. But, these same people fail to recollect that satan is already a defeated foe, Jesus vanquished him at Calvary. For those who relate to the Bible being written in terms reflecting agrarian lifestyles, by analogy you are not obliged to conquer and cultivate the land as much as being responsible for maintaining, and harvesting the fields already bequeathed to you.

This does not mean that the world and its evil will readily yield to your authority. Rather, it will resist you with words and deeds, striking at you as ferociously as it is able. Thereby, per Ephesians 6:11-14, you are encouraged to stand, defend, resist, and claim (vocalize your belief) that in Jesus’ name your victories (prosperity in every manner needed and desired) already exist (per prior petitions – Mark 11:23-24, Matt 7:7-8).

So, when the defeated foes attack you (and yours) physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, or question your spiritual zeal, stand your ground, with praise and thanksgiving, declaring “I am (we are) already blessed in Christ!” and the supplies will be there if you believe what you say. You are not fighting for victories, rather, you are standing in the wake of Jesus’ victories.

A Prosperous Life in the Power of Your Tongue

A prosperous life is forged in the power of the tongue… Focus upon blessings and ” … life (and fruitfulness in all things) resides in the power of your tongue. (Proverbs 18:21) Spirits and people who wish poorly for you are pleased when you use the power of your words against yourself, and your loved ones. They wish to see you defeated, or simply wish more for themselves and those for whom they care. Thereby, keep your mind and related actions set on the good, the wise, the prosperous, the successful, the strong and healthy. Then always speak correspondingly favorably, and speak supportively, no matter how things appear.

Instead of saying, “I am always short of …,” say, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want for …” In this sentence, “want” means “to be in lack of”, so you are stating that God will not allow you to be in lack of any good thing, because His Word tells you so. By including His Word in your prayer (Psalm 23:1), you are acknowledging the validity of His Word.

Repeated verbal recognition of an adverse situation does nothing for you. So, start saying, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) And, be strengthened physically, mentally, spiritually and via the fruits of every manner of the blessings of God.

Correct in Intent, Manner, and Sufficiently Resourced

After a long tiresome day, when Jesus visited the home of two sisters, Martha and Mary (Luke 10:38), Martha immediately saw His weariness and busied herself tending to His apparent needs for a comfortable place to sit, a beverage and some food. However, Mary simply sat at His feet, keeping Him company. Martha saw His weariness, knowing that Jesus had walked for miles, serving the needs of many, teaching, praying, healing, and more. Surely He was tired and needed someone to care for Him in return; she spoke to Jesus, chiding Mary for not helping her.

However, Mary saw beyond Jesus’ apparent physical needs and focused upon who He was. She would have the opportunity to play hostess to many in the future. But, the opportunity to sit with Jesus in such a personal setting, and to listen to all that He might say might not come again. She chose the better, to stay near Jesus. (Luke 10:42)

The poor in mind, body, spirit, as well as earthly goods and accommodations will always be with us. (John 12: 4-8) And, as Jesus entered their home, Martha looked at His current physical presentation as if He was temporarily the “poor in body” and it was her responsibility to attend to all of the needs she perceived. He was not one of the poor.

We are blessed performing our righteous, chosen works, including attending to the poor (Proverbs 19:17). However we must first acknowledge Jesus’ presence (Matthew 6:33), the more important thing, so that He may bless us with increasing wisdom, knowledge, well-being, and resources, receiving all through which we may better attend to our commissions; correct in intent, manner, and sufficiently resourced.

Prosper by Faith

Many Christians have never learned to prosper by faith.In our normal lifestyle, we earn in accordance with our skills and education, and the willingness of the community to pay us. Whereas God needs more than generals, politicians, professionals, and the aristocracy.

He needs all people of faith; a full range of people including those who ranch and farm, plumbers and grocers, teachers and salespersons. He needs everyone to share the gospel of faith, and the Covenant of grace with all. The promised blessings of God are the same to leaders and followers, presidents and the proletariat, everywhere. God promises and demonstrates that all Believers prosper by faith.

Renew your manner of thinking. Engage in and encourage spiritual growth wherever you are. Learn how to receive the blessings of God and how to prosper by faith.



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