Delight Yourself in the Lord

According to Matthew 6:33, when the Redeemed first seek God, all other [good] things will be added to their lives. These things include completeness, safety, soundness (in body and mind), excellent welfare, perfect health, financial prosperity, quiet, tranquility, and contentment with friendship, with supportive human relationships, with God in Covenant relationship, and free from interpersonal strife. The initial challenge for most Christians is that defining “the good things” pertinent to them and “timing”. Most learn not to wish to do harm to others and recognize that in God’s universe there is no need to covet anything associated with your neighbor because God’s storehouses are more than sufficiently filled to meet all your good needs and desires. The Lord hears you and is gracious to fulfill all of your desires (Psalms 145:17-20), including those of preserving you (keeping you strong and healthy).

For most who are dissatisfied, the primary causal factors are: learning how to ask, timing or simply being told “no or not yet”. Neither Adam, nor Eve (A&E) experienced any lack, but they simply refused to live with the fact that God told them “no” regarding the tree of “the knowledge of good and evil”. Such an attitude seems extraordinarily immature and stupid to the average Christian today. For us, by analogy, we understand saying “no” to a 5 y/o child who wants to drive a car. Yet, we may be just as unprepared for non-receipt of some of our petitions, as we also desire now-manifestations, in spite of our understanding. Moreover, given that we live in mortal bodies, in an evil, physical world, with many humans of contrary beliefs, there are often other entities and people who gladly, directly and indirectly, impede the timely delivery of the fruits of our blessings. Aside from base mannerisms, reprobates generally adversely influence others, by word, deed, or simply by their presence, inducing you to make choices (in speech and/or behavior) that are not supportive of your best interests, well-being or supportive of the intent of your prayers. Take care in choosing your friends and associates. (Proverbs 12:26) And, in all matters of choice, take responsibility for yourself, in each moment, behaving as a positive influencer, not as a victim.

Do not live as others’ doormats, enablers, supporters of evil, and victims of their ill will. The Redeemed are children of the most-high God, I Am. And, in spite of challenges and barriers, we must be strong in Christ and not dismayed (Joshua 1:9), living in a loving manner, as Christ did (Ephesians 5:2), continuing to share God’s message with others. For according to 2 Corinthians 12:7-9, in spite of satan’s thorns and attempts to irritate you, God tells you that His Word is sufficient to dispatch with satan and do what you need to accomplish to deliver His Message. We are to recurrently pray, praise and thank God for our daily bread of new wisdom (Proverbs 16:16), knowledge, insight, and all measures of Shalom with which we have already been blessed. Some has manifested, other elements are pending. It is much more valuable to understand and be able to fish than to be handed some fish. So, believe (Mark 11:23-24) God’s wisdom (James 1:5) as well as develop and practice Earth-applicable knowledge and skills, through which God conveys your prosperity (or not, Hosea 4:6, if you so choose).

Yes, live a Psalms 37:4 life. Shalom.