Keep it Simple

Shortly before returning to Heaven, Jesus met with His disciples, assigning to them, and subsequently to us, “The Great Commission”. (John 28:16-20) He did not ask them to convert anyone. He did not ask them to provide exquisite rational and theological defenses of their positions. Rather, they were told to go into all corners of their known world, teaching others about His messages, and enjoining them to baptism (an offer) if interested. There were no “quotas” to meet. They were to act more like Realtors, sans commissions.

Realtors are known for presentation. They present features, leaving it to you to ponder, research, or do whatever else you require to determine if a property is beneficial for you to purchase. Moreover, if you were looking for a custom beachfront, personal home, you should work with a relevant Realtor. You do not seek the assistance of one who specializes in speculative, urban, commercial properties.

The Bible, as a Covenant document, presents all the features and messages of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. You as a potential believer determine if you accept the Word and its features as beneficial, and messages applicable to you. If you do not believe the Word beneficial for you, it is not our role to cajole or otherwise hard sell to you. God simply asks us to deliver a presentation and an offer.

We can direct you in many ways. But, if you are most interested in God’s blessings, with a guided focus on your prosperity, keep it simple and keep it here.