Wealth of the Wicked

The pastor and members prayed jointly for their church’s financial needs to be met. The next morning, the pastor found a package addressed to him on the doorstep of the church. Inside was the following note: “We know that your church needs this money.” It was signed, “The Wicked.” There were fifty-thousand dollars in small bills in the box.

How could the church allow itself to be funded by the wicked? Surely, the church (membership) is known for its laudable values and positions regarding many issues. Remember, the members, including the pastor have First Amendment rights by which to express their opinions wherever they wish, such as the pulpit, including opinions regarding their financing. Recollect also that the Redeemed are justified based on God’s righteousness, not their own. Even giving of offerings by church members themselves (sourced from employers who often surreptitiously lie, cheat their customers, and support many un-Godly politically correct values), could likewise be described as passive collusion with the wealth of the wicked. Fortunately, all giving into God’s interests benefits from His continuous Grace.

Do not be so judgmental regarding the sources of church donations unless you find subsequent bias in church behavior, that is not consistent with the Word, that reflects untoward values of specific donors. Otherwise, keep your thoughts in touch with Proverbs 13:22, which reminds you that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the Righteous. The Righteous should pray over all sources of income, and apply it appropriately, avoiding being inappropriately critical of its righteous application.

Christians prosper now.