Impractical Church

God and His Word will never be outdated. His messages are paraphrased, plagiarized, translated and modified to suit different audiences all over the world. Even many non-Christian motivational speakers borrow heavily from the Bible. However, a particular church may lose its relevance and practicality if it fails to reach out to the changing population in ways that appeal to them, such as including contemporary music, online presentations, downloadable data access, non-traditional meeting times and settings, and with various appearance and clothing-acceptable attitudes.

Even more importantly, the church should recognize and address the needs and issues of the contemporary community in which it resides. The Christian church should not change foundational values espoused in scripture and its beliefs to accommodate others’ beliefs. Particularly, avoiding alteration of base Christian values and Jesus-centered focus simply to try to be inclusive, for financial gain, or to be seen as politically correct. However, as neighborhood populations evolve over time, a church composed predominantly of one group may transition to another ethnic (or other) group. The base Biblical values and beliefs should not change, but the church should be otherwise welcoming to new community members.

Additionally, separate from offering an evangelistic message to bring new believers to Christ, the existing body of the church needs to be maintained, growing in their biblical understanding as well as their practical knowledge and skills pertinent to success in the world in which they live.  Churches not involved in the issues of the community, in social and educational programs for the well-being of members, in maintaining the infrastructure of, the appearance of, and resources distribution to the community may find themselves numerically declining, and residing in deteriorating communities; due to lack of knowledge and social/civic commitment. (Hosea 4:6)

Are you contributing to the growth and development of the church (members) and the community in which it resides? God is not impractical. He intended to harvest our spirits, as well as maintain, develop, enhance and cause His people to thrive, living abundantly (John 10:10). You and your church should prosper and be in great health as your spirits, souls, and bodies embrace Him. (3 John 1:2)