Church Body Righteousness

Jesus invited all to come to Him, and he would give them rest (salvation, healing, peace and all other good things desired and needed). He did not ask people to clean up their lives first and completely, to be only from specific countries or communities, be only of specific ethnic groups, specific financial status, or any other characteristic as a qualification for redemption. He offered, in Matthew 11, particularly Matt 11:28-29, to all who had been burdened by the challenges of life, for them to come to Him. And, He did not stipulate that they be worthy, already morally, ethically and socially acceptable. Rather, even now He continues to ask only that they should simply be ready to take on His yoke (His Father’s ways). Do not adopt a church body righteousness that deters others from Jesus. God was, is, and will be “I Am”. His message and manner have not changed, nor will they change. Is your church changing His Word in an attempt to be exclusive or diminish other people, internal or external to the fold?

Be a prosperous Christian and do not let church body-righteousness be a barrier or stumbling block for anyone.