Suffering…it Exists

 There is plenty of suffering to go around. It may be physical, mental or psychological. It may be based on financial inequity, governmental oppression, congenital, acquired or degenerative disease, or due to egregious acts of other people. It may stem from the effects of nature including plants, animals, vectors or weather. It is diverse in type and satanic in origin. So long as satan is the ruler of this world, he will inflict suffering upon people when and wherever he is able. Christians live on the Earth. But, some mistakenly believe that as soon as they become Christian a protective shield forms around them so that they will be completely unfettered by all adversaries, all adversities, untoward human behavior and the ravages of all else. When they or others observe such to not be true at all times, they cite such as a reason to reject Jesus and Christianity. If you (as a Christian) are unable to respond to the curious, disheartened and critical on such circumstances (including your own questions), you have more to learn about God, His Will/Word, and its application.

Don’t let suffering be a barrier? God gave Christians the tools to address and ameliorate suffering, but in this world, it exists.