The message should be God’s Message. One of God’s names is “I Am”. Whether spoken thousands of years ago or in the future, His name and His Message is current. Whereas, if you look at television programs over the years since the inception of the technology you see that the sets, the appearance of settings, actors, and backdrops change. Additionally, the messages that the writers are sending to the audiences change. The nature of interactions between actors change. The societal values portrayed change and the purportedly acceptable content changes. Hollywood, Broadway, the music industry, social media, some legal/legislative professionals and others have the legal rights to bathe our society in a morass of politically correct, but often non-laudable values, but such does not mean that everything they depict, every lyric they sing, every bit of legislation passed and every misanthropic message shared must be adopted. Moreover, some people are demented enough to suggest that if you do not embrace their way of thinking, behaving and speaking, then you are a hateful bigot. Christians may stand their ground, have the same 1st Amendment rights as everyone else, and may reject vilification. Make sure the message you espouse is God’s Message.