Wayward Leadership

Some churches, reflecting poor leadership, are a disservice to themselves and their communities long term. The wayward leadership teams sometimes serve their own agendas, fail to deliver biblical messages,  burden members with excessive social baggage and expenses, often encouraging inequitable management of resources, particularly regarding asset acquisition and ownership. They strongly support or demand service requirements, dress codes, specific customs of worship and manners of message delivery that suits their preferences that reflects their proclivities.

Some leadership teams promote adoption of values contrary to biblical scripture to gain financial and socio-political support. Idiosyncratic leaders may even drive personal agendas that are not in the best interests of, if not abusive to current and prospective members familiar with prior missions, traditional doctrine, and church protocol.

When such mannerisms exist or evolve into existence at a church, it threatens existing and possible individual members, and potentially the entire church. In Matthew 16:1-12, Jesus reminded His disciples to be careful of the Pharisees and Sadducees (contemporary leaders of the temples). Even as Jesus engaged in His ministry, He recognized that being human, some religious leaders had become corrupt in small and great ways. Many ignored the Word or twisted its messages to serve their own purposes or for acceptance and support of misguided logic. Anecdotally, and unfortunately, approximately fifty percent of contemporary Christian churches do not use Bibles. Prayerfully this is not a reflection of your church.

Do not support or engage in wayward leadership of your church. God’s abundance is sufficient for all.