Fear…Is Extreme Anxiety Overwhelming You?

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Can we live without fear? First, we should define it so as to understand how God would tell us to do so. In a dictionary, fear is a noun, a thing. It is the feeling of agitation and anxiety we perceive to be caused by that which we believe to be the present or imminent danger. It may come upon us momentarily or be persistent. It a condition of apprehension and a morbid, absence of ease regarding someone, or something, a possible occurrence, or that which may or may not be tangible or related to a dangerous presence.

Fear is a spiritual force of a character opposite to that of Faith. Moreover, to accept the power of fear, you are denying the preeminence of the power of Faith regarding pertinent circumstance(s). Just as God gave to the newly Righteous the measure of His Faith, satan offers fear (to you as an alternative) at the instant that you do not accept Faith to be sufficient to meet your objectives, your wants, and needs.

Fear not simply a reaction to external circumstances, rather, it is a life choice. As “the just shall live by Faith” (Romans 1:17), you should live in a forward-thinking manner, choosing to empower your life with Faith, not electing to alternatively succumb to fear. In fact, to live in fear is essentially suggesting that you do not believe God’s Faith to be sufficient, but is rather subordinate to fear.

The application of Faith is learned by meditating (studying) God’s Word and avoiding anxiety. Whereas the application of fear is practiced by accepting satan’s lies, as he will always tell you that believing and applying God’s Word is insufficient. Speak the applicable Word of Faith into your life and upon your circumstances. Fear will depart, and Faith-related manifestation of abundance will reign in your life.