Ignorance is Not Politically Correct

Some ministers hope to help the entire congregation feel good about themselves by making such statements as: “You do not have to have a college degree, be a theologian, or engage in other noteworthy education to be blessed.” Such pastors are doing their congregations no favor. (Isaiah 5:13, Proverbs 19:2) Of course, God will bless all the Redeemed, no matter their education and skills background. However, the primary authors of the Bible were very learned men with skills that helped them document and more readily spread the Word. Do not diminish yourself or others if presently lesser skilled or educated. But, support and encourage yourself and others’ opportunities to grow.

Recognize that higher-level capabilities allow you to perform tasks and understand materials, gain access to places, and work with people with whom you would otherwise consider unlikely. The Holy Spirit will help with your growth. But, He is not going to research and acquire books for you or register you for skills training courses. Christians prosper now.