Lack of Knowledge

There are no scriptures proclaiming that only the most intelligent will be blessed. However, Hosea 4:6 states that His people perish for lack of knowledge. It lets you know that while being a theological scholar is not required, you will prosper most and be more effective at sharing the Word with others if you know the Word well.

Consider some simple examples. What if you had a 500-page cookbook of your favorite food type, but never read it? What if you never read any of your electric/electronic tool user manuals (household appliances, computers, TV, smartphones, recording/playback devices, video game gear, software, all others)? Most would say that they can do adequately well based on prior experience, trial and error, and with practice. But, cookbooks, user manuals, as well as high-quality guidance, instruction, and demonstration can readily expedite your skills development.

If we compound the challenge by only performing tasks and using tools as described by a poorly developed student or as demonstrated by numerous students, of varying skills, with conflicting perspectives/opinions, then your understanding and performance is likely to be very limited, conflicting and will result in less than desirable outcomes. Ignorance is also not simply lack of knowledge and information, it can be magnified by the adoption of misinformation, propaganda, and lies.

You may be particularly, inadequately knowledgeable, poorly academically skilled, educationally limited, as well as confused and led by misanthropic lies. Such will make life in this world very difficult for you. Likewise, ignorance of the Word makes its application in your life very challenging, particularly if you are always dependent on others for understanding. Conversely, you may simply be uninformed regarding particular subjects and issues and would be less challenged in all manners if you are willing to diligently apply yourself to learning.

God offered, to the Redeemed, the gift of association with the Holy Spirit, as you wish. The Holy Spirit is not going to just download all Bible content and understanding into you all at once. Rather, He is there to accompany you, as your tutor, your guide, your friend and comforter when you need to understand, when you are hurt, confused, and downhearted. He is there for you, even if you are distracted, of lesser skills, slow at reading and studying the Word. By your efforts, and prayers, the Holy Spirit will lead you to know the Word better. And, as with simple human tools, you will develop high-level, effective application skills over time. Do not let ignorance defer your success.