Many are overwhelmed by the volume of the Bible and the vast numbers of scriptures. As such, when looking to address issues in their lives they panic, not knowing where to go. Yet none who drive a car would panic, overwhelmed by the many hundreds of parts from which the car is composed or the many skills needed to engage to drive a car. They simply push buttons, turn ignition keys, manage a few pedals and gear levers, and turn a steering wheel. They drive, regardless of not being able to name or describe the function of the vast majority of vehicle components. However, if they ever have a question about the vehicle’s function, there is a manual that clearly describes all of such. There is no need to state “I hope that my car will…” as the manual clearly addresses that which it can do.

Jesus came to bring everlasting life and abundant life to all willing to accept Him as Savior and be redeemed (John 10:10). With the assistance of the Holy Spirit, you may spend the remainder of your life learning to understand all of the nuances of scripture (The Word, God’s Will). However, just as with a car, there is no requirement to understand all of the Word to reap the benefits of being in the family of the Redeemed. Just read the Word, use search engines to find the content of interest, and engage the Holy Spirit if you want to do more than simply hop aboard for the glorious ride. In all manners, Christians prosper now.