Prosperity: A Problematic Concept for You?

Jesus said that He came to bring a more abundant life to Believers (John 10:10), with abundance comprehensively described as a future in heaven, and present well-being defined in terms of finances, health, fitness, good relationships, internal peace, and all other desirable elements fitting our settings. However, He did not state that He would drop it upon us like manna from heaven. Nor did Jesus suggest that while on Earth we would not need to engage in activities valued by our societies so that others could be the pipelines of some elements of our abundance. He just stated that the redeemed would prosper. Although all are not intended to be leaders of megachurches, CEO’s or at the pinnacle of those areas in life you most revere, we can each be prosperous and evangelists in our own settings. Some also believe that as soon as they become Christians, prosperity should rain down around them, and when it does not occur they are very disappointed. Even worse are the ministers who suggest that their church members should not expect to live abundantly and their true role in this world is to live sacrificially as paupers. Other ministers, are unfortunately worse, behaving as charlatans with their hands ever outstretched, practically telling people that they can buy their way into God’s prosperity (at least of financial type) via generous offerings. Another twist on the same pitch is the farming analogy where ministers suggest that as you can only grow tomatoes (for example) by planting tomato seeds, so you are obliged to give money to their ministries if you want a financial harvest. In Hosea 4:6 the Bible states that people perish for lack of knowledge, including believing false messages regarding that which God wishes for them. Prosperity is a right of all of the redeemed. Study the Word, learn, thrive and share the correct message. Moreover, if you simply refuse to live life abundantly, give all the excess of your earnings to charitable causes.