Thinking Small – Don’t Do It!

Jesus came that we might live life more abundantly. This suggests that it was already God’s expectation that we live abundantly. And, then He sent Jesus to give us the right to live more abundantly. (John 10:10)

On an occasion by the Sea of Gennesaret, Jesus asked for the use of a boat owned by a couple of local fishermen. Upon finishing speaking to the masses on the banks, He told the fisherman Simon to move their boat away from the shore and to cast their nets. Having just spent the entire night out, catching nothing, it was likely that they were notably fatigued, doubtful, and uncomfortable with the suggestion, yet they heeded Jesus’ request. In response, they immediately caught so many fish that their nets were at risk for breaking, requiring for them to call out to nearby companions to come help with the bounty. (Luke 5:1-10)

Do not think small. God wants to bless you beyond your expectations. But, as did the biblical fishermen, you must resist your fatigue, doubts, and exhaustion related to personal efforts and attitudes, leaving your comfort zones, stepping out in faith to do what You believe God has put in your heart. It may be small or great, something you have never done, and with regards to which you may have only dreamed. God’s intentions for you are greater than anything you can imagine. So, dream big, pray big, thank and praise big. God delights in your prosperity (by all definitions of the word), giving you exceedingly, abundantly more than that for which you can ask or about which you may consider. (Ephesians 3:20)