Time and Your Petition Prayers

    You may speak with someone new, hear a different broadcast, or read different materials daily, and regularly experience different explanation for your “unanswered prayers”, all the time. Even among Christians, different denominations subscribe to different interpretations of the Word, if they use it at all. Those distinct interpretations yield differing beliefs regarding many aspects the Word and its application in life, including regarding “the blessings of God”. While education and training is very important, because we are a certificate, diploma, degree, license, title and other community/system-compliance and documentation-oriented society, many of you will accept the word of a devil incarnate if s/he has the community recognition that appeals to you.

    Now there you are, alleging your familiarity with 3 John 1-4, and related scriptures. When Jesus died on the cross, all of His Earthly work was finished. And, via Jesus’ name, application of His Word, would thereafter be sufficient for any righteous “need/desire” of the Believer. His Word was sufficient to heal: birth defects, sickness, injury, disease, psychopathology, possession, wrong-thinking, relationships, financial status, and peace among people, to name a few. He gave us Psalm 107:20-21 among many tools in the Word.

    Yet, over time you will hear people offering you many reasons for as of yet not physically manifested petitions to God. Some will blame it on:

    • God’s mysterious ways, as if you should pray unsure, and not with favorable expectation.

    • God’s Will, as if you do not know God’s Will (the Word) is for you. So, you should pray, but not with favorable expectation.

    • Your failures, imperfections, or weaknesses, as if you must earn or deserve your petitions. They would suggest that in the absence of your “deserving” His grace and favor, you should pray, but not with favorable expectation.

    • Your past sin. They would suggest that in the absence of His special grace and favor, because of your sin, you should pray, but not with favorable expectation. (see James 5:14-15)

    • Your demanding nature, suggesting that God does not exist to provide for you. Rather, you are here to serve Him. You should pray, but not with favorable expectation. (more abundantlyJohn 10🙂

    • A belief that God has a need for you to go without, so that you may be humbled. They suggest that you should pray, but not with favorable expectation.

    • A belief that God is glorified by allowing others to observe your patience and devotion, in spite of the pain, debility, humiliation, and suffering, even unto death, you are experiencing. As such, you may pray, but logically, you should not pray to cease God’s glorification. (Psalm 67:7 – God blesses us, And all the ends of the earth shall fear Him [with awe-inspired reverence and submissive wonder]. AMP)

    • Limited understanding. Of course, God offers Hosea 4:6 and the Holy Spirit to guide you, but rather than encouragement, people offer one 3-, 4- … or 10-step program after another to fix you and your unanswered prayers. They suggest that you may otherwise continue to pray [as you have been], but not with favorable expectation unless you pray as they do, when they pray, how they pray, where they pray, the amount they pray… all the time.

    • Persisting unforgiveness in your heart. These people are very hardcore, suggesting that you will have no prayers favorably addressed by God until you forgive, in thought, speech and manners, all persons/entities that you know or believe to have treated you wrongly; there is simply no New Covenant scripture to support this line of thiking.

    • Your lack of faith, or your inadequately developed faith. They suggest that until you are more mature in your faith, you may pray, but not with favorable expectation. (God’s Faith is the power. You apply God’s Faith via your belief in it per Mark 11:24)

    • You are inadequately studied. You have not been a Believer long enough, and so on. God’s response to His Word is “Yes” and your response should be “Amen”, no matter your age or spiritual maturity.

    • Some church Elders will even take responsibility themselves if their prayers were involved (Matt 17:17: 16-18)

    Sometimes it is actually the case that “the check is in the mail”, the package is on the way, and you are just moments from your breakthrough. But, most of you have also experienced misdirected mail, a package arriving late, or not at all, and have actually heard of postal employees damaging, failing to deliver, dumping, stealing, and otherwise impeding you from receiving that which was sent to you. Likewise, there are spiritual and human barriers, untoward social interactions and other choices made by you or others that impede your well-being, poor care provision, unkind words and people, lifestyle choices, actions/habits, things, occurrences, decisions, actions, and relationships that can impair or halt the delivery of your petitions. Don’t fight with others about your poor choices and look for supportive social niches and legalism to justify aberrant behavior you know you should change; just do so, and move on.

    Consider pharmaceutical product commercials you have seen on television. They boisterously shower you with lovely images and pleasant terms describing just how much more enjoyable life will be, over time, with long-term use of their products. Then they very briskly and quietly tell you about side effects that may even kill you. Via the Word, independent of time, nobody will ever need to warn you about adverse consequences that may even kill you.

    Even if the time until manifestations of your petition prayers are notably longer than you hoped, pray and act with focus, expectancy, praise, and thanksgiving. (Proverbs 4: 20-27) To all of the of blessings of God’s Word, say yes and amen. Simply recognize that while in our bodies, we are temporal, mortal and thereby sensitive to time. Just find God’s applicable Word, speak it, and believe it as you say it (Mark 11:23-24). Then intermittently read related Word, then praise and thank God as you wait. Regarding the absolute duration of the wait, ask God about it – nobody else can answer you.