Fast Track Your Christian Prosperity

Fast Track Your Christian Prosperity. Some refer to messages such as this as blasphemous. But, these are the same people who will rarely have a word of encouragement for you. Our God created the entire Earth and surrounding universe in six days. Is that track fast enough for you? He recognizes the relative limitations of our human minds and existence, but Jesus stated to His disciples before He returned to Heaven: “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me [and God’s Word], the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, [after] I go to My Father.” (John 14:12)

So, in spite of our corporeally limited mentality, we can imagine God, as “the ultimate CEO”, stating: “My Primary Objective is to bring the sheep (all people) into my folds. I lack, and thereby you with whom I have a covenant relationship, lack no resources to accomplish this objective. Moreover, as my son Jesus informed you, in John 10:10, as you work with me, you will have life, and you will live it more abundantly.

Just how may we live life more abundantly? Let us just be plain about it. Some ministers, priests and theologians wax philosophically and piously on this subject, expressing themselves in hushed, ostensibly reverential tones, using vocabulary that is difficult to understand, and say little because they have nothing to offer. However, our Covenant Father God has much to say and more to offer. God will reward you exceedingly because you need more (as resources) to attend to His Primary Objective, to bring in His sheep. And, there is nothing in the Bible that states that you cannot rightfully enjoy the benefits of service with God as you engage in it.

If you are “good ground”, His investment in you will be found profitable (analogously, Matt 25:14-22) and your reward may be bountiful (as exemplified in Mark 4:13-20). By parable, this is another reminder that your life in covenant with God can be plentifully rewarding now, in the present, as you engage in His Primary Objective.

But, if you are righteous but slothful, you may choose to just sit about ineffectively, reading your Bible, awaiting your reward in Heaven. Or, even worse, if per the parable of the talents, you initially align with God, then “insult” Him and cast Him aside, He will likewise cast you away, allowing your wealth to be picked up by someone else. (Matt 25:23-29, Proverbs 13:22)

Are you ready?

Aside from an eternal future life, to Believers, God offers Shalom as your now-gift demonstrating His righteousness. (Isaiah 32:17) Shalom, ts defined in Strong’s concordance as:

1. Completeness,
2. Safety,
3. Soundness (in body and mind),
4. Excellent welfare,
5. Perfect health,
6. Financial prosperity,
7. Quiet, tranquility, and contentment,
8. with Friendship,
9. with Supportive human relationships,
10. with God in Covenant relationship,
11. Free from strife.

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