Innovative Development Follows New Thinking and Speaking

Some in neuropsychology opine that by adopting and applying a new set of beliefs for least three weeks you may find yourself in touch with new habits, and developing new behavioral patterns. Additionally, innovative behavior should be multifaceted, a combination of doing a number of things in different ways. Even from a Biblical perspective, ancient Jews were taught that you cannot be conformed to and most influenced by perspectives of those around you and the world. Nor could you put new wine in old wineskins. Rather, think transformatively, reconsidering perspectives so that you may identify more effective and efficient ways to engage problems and challenges, in route to new, superior, or alternative solutions.

Be praise-filled and thankful as you move over hurdles and through resistance. Every viable idea and product of good work you plant will become rooted. So, plant deeply the right, and laudable, with a supportive manner of thinking, quality information, and new skills development consistent with positive expectancy and your specific objectives. Invest yourself vigorously, and deeply nourish your new mind.

You should no longer develop yourself as do others around you, Rather, in a distinct manner, let self-speaking precede success as an applied “Romans 10:17 act”. The strategy is to be responsible to that which you claim to believe. If you are regularly “hearing” and accepting that which is coming to you in your own voice, then it will be credible, relevant, valuable, and worth your time investment.

You must bring the determination, intellect, reasoning, with the wisdom and clarity of the Holy Spirit. Remember, 1 Chronicles 16:15 suggests that you should “Be always mindful of His Covenant, the Word He commanded to a thousand generations” complemented by Philipp 3:15, “Therefore let us, as many as are mature, have this mind; and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal even this to you.”

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