Grace…Receive His Unmerited Favor

You are not perfect, even upon redemption. But, God’s Grace does not expect you to be blameless. You receive His unmerited favor. In spite of your imperfections, you are still a beneficiary of His blessings, in touch with His Will. Vigorously seek to develop a relationship with God, learning His ways, avoiding a life fraught with errors and mistakes. Instead, be studious, observant and satisfied to learn from the mistakes of others, as you cannot live long enough to make them all yourself and be sufficiently and efficiently self-correcting. Moreover, be grateful that you are able to live as the Redeemed, not at the mercy of self-righteousness, but continuously in touch with God’s cleansing, made whole, and as a beneficiary of all positive manifestations of God’s Grace (Romans 6) Christians, the redeemed prosper now.

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